Precision Equipment

Precision Equipment Used

Leica Disto Range of Laser Measuring Devices

Floor Plans require accurate measurements, and the Leica Disto range of Laser Measurers offer accurate readings. With Bluetooth technology, these LMD interface with our iPad software to perfectly render room sizes, wall widths including doors and windows as well as cylindrical objects such as hot water tanks. Measuring tapes are a thing of the past with this world leading device, accurate to 1.5mm.

Laser Temp

Our Infrared Thermometer gun allows us to measure temperatures in hard-to-reach areas. The non-contact reading assists in finding issues with HVAC, electrical switchboards and other "hot spots."

Surface Pro

Our inspectors use the latest Surface Pro laptops. Their mobility and lightweight design mean that reports can be generated on-site and while all information is current and readable. Our measurement devices integrate perfectly with our software, meaning accurate reports and no dependence on human memory.

DJI Phantom III

When access to roofs and higher structures is difficult, our inspectors use the precision DJI Phantom III drone. With built-in GPS and hovering capability, our inspections are thorough and complete. Note: The use of drone close to electrical power lines and airports limits this service.

Moisture Meter

Our inspections can reveal water ingress in hard to find areas, such as under floors and in wall and ceiling cavities. A Moisture Meter is a multipurpose measuring tool, suitable for use on most cementitious construction materials and timber, that indicates substrate moisture content prior to overcoating with membranes, sealers or paints. 

Mobile Phone Digital Camera

Our inspectors are armed with the latest mobile phone cameras so that every step of the inspection process can be recorded and catalogued. Pictures are stamped with date/time and address. These are presented to clients in shared cloud-based folders, named by the address. Our reports come with full photographic evidence of all initial findings. Optional post-works pictures provide evidence of rectifications carried out.

360-Degree Camera

SaadCorp can provide optional 360 degree photos that provide a full rotational view of an asset. These transport you from your desktop to the remotest of properties in your portfolio. The Richo Theta V and Theta Z1 are part of our precision tool kit.

4x4 Mobile Office Vehicle

Travelling to regional and remote areas is not a problem. Our vehicle is fitted with a sit-down computer workstation, solar generated power, 240v power points and USB charging ports, Starlink In-Motion Satellite Internet, Fridge, Coffee Machine. That is why we can go anywhere.