Dwelling Floorplan

Dwelling Floorplans

SaadCorp uses smart technologies to produce accurate on-site floorplans of existing dwellings. A laser measurer directly inputs the dimensions of a room to an iPad application. Windows and doors are added. Bathroom layouts are provided as standard. Optional extra details can include kitchen cabinets, locations of hot water systems and air conditioners and much more. The resulting floorplan is available in may formats. However, PDF format is the most common.

A floorplan can become an asset manager's powerful tool as they execute maintenance programs or issue work orders. Once a floorplan is produced it serves the client for many years to come. For example, consider a scenario where bedroom 2 requires carpet replacement in a remote area. Imagine the cost saving of knowing the dimensions of the room. You may choose to issue a copy of the floorplan to the nominated tradesperson, saving time from a site visit to measure, return to workshop & return to site with material to fit. When invoiced, the quantity can be verified against the floorplan for accuracy.