SaadCorp (NSW) Pty Ltd

a unique specialty service provider to the housing industry with eighteen years experience in reporting

Dwelling Floorplans

Instantly produced on site

A valuable tool for any asset manager. Knowledge is power.

  • Know the physical properties of your asset.
  • Quantify, verify and cost your maintenance expenditure from your desktop.
  • Eliminate excessive site visits by trades to measure or quote for materials and labour.
  • Know how much carpet your room requires at the click of a mouse.
  • Verify a trade's claim when armed with this tool.

High Quality Reports

specialised purpose built software
  • Scope of Works Reports
  • Pre-Purchase Building Reports
  • Property Assessment Reports
  • Interim Works Progress Reports
  • Pre-Handover Reports
  • Handover Reports and Certificates
  • 10-year Asset Management Plans

Precision Equipment

Power to perform

SaadCorp has maintained a collection of precision tools to empower the inspector to deliver high quality meticulous reports. All our reporting is conducted on site and relies heavily on portable power & cellular internet connection. Starlink In-Motion Internet Service, Off-grid charging of all devices is possible even in the remotest of locations via an in-car solar charged lithium battery and a 3000W inverter.

Best Service Providers in the Industry

SaadCorp prides itself on their professionalism and attention to detail. Many housing providers and builders have expressed their appreciation for the reporting methods used by our inspectors. 

Our systems are integrated with the Land & Housing structure 

Our Clients